Wathco Outback Panama City Beach, FL

“Wathco is a valuable partner to BBI’s Design and Construction team.  They are professional from Jason all the way through to the job site superintendents.  Wathco constantly delivers a quality product for us.  They have jumped in for us on several emergency situations including most recently Panama City Outback steakhouse rebuild/remodel.  The team lived onsite in their campers throughout the entire project.  Working within a difficult environment that had been hit hard by the hurricane and delivering a high-quality building amidst a difficult situation.  I highly recommend them for any project.”

Jennifer P. Striepling
Vice President of Design and Construction
Domestic and International
Bloomin Brands Inc.

I just completed a tour of Hardees remodeled restaurants in the Southeast and I wanted to thank you for the terrific work Wathco has been doing on the Hardees Restaurant remodel program. The quality of your work was exceptional and the restaurants look great. You continually show a “can do” attitude no matter what problems you encountered and managed to finish on time and on budget. Your dedication is one of the reasons we have had so much success with our remodel program. You and your company are a please to work with and I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Jack Willingham
Senior VP Construction and Architecture, CKE Restaurants

Carlson Restaurants would like to recognize Wathco Inc. General Contractors for their dedicate and continuous support to ensure the timely construction delivery of the mile one Westbury re-model project on Long Island, New York. We truly appreciate Wathco’s effort in completing this flagship restaurant, going above and beyond in putting together an “A” list team to research quality materials and assemble a squad of top-notch sub-contractors. Your strong partnership with our project management team and commitment to hiqh-quality detail finishes and workmanship have ensured a beautiful execution of design, minimal down time for the restaurant and a timely grand re-opening on December 9, 2010. Jason Walder – owner and Andre Kowalski – site superintendent – thank you for your outstanding partnership and commitment to the future of the TGI Fridays brand!

Nick Shepard

Wathco is an extraordinary construction company where the important tenets of timeliness, cost effectiveness and quality are always met. They are a true extension of our development department and always have our best interests in mind. Their on-site personnel treat the projects like they owned them. There is never a short cut in quality, the pricing is always just what they said it will be with no surprise change orders, and they are 100% on time.”

Bill O’Keefe
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