Pre-construction is the most important phase of the project, when the client, the architect and our professionals meet to discuss every scope of the project, costs and the construction schedule. At this point in the process, we are able to offer both the client and architect “Value Engineering” ideas to maintain design integrity while providing cost effective and functional alternatives for specified elements that keep the budget on track without affecting the design intent. If you already have a complete design and full set of bid plans, we will breakdown the costs for you so you can see where the budget dollars are allocated and offer bid alternatives to help make sure your decision is the right one.


During the construction phase of any size project, large or small, Wathco will always have an on-site superintendent for the duration of the project.

Our policy is to make sure a Wathco representative is in attendance with any subcontractor or supplier. The project manager is always in contact with the superintendent, the architect and the client to keep the lines of communication open and insure everyone knows the status of the project. Both our field and office management are equipped with the latest means of communication, including e-mails and digital reproduction. We like to have weekly onsite meetings with the subcontractors, architects and engineers in attendance to answer any questions so the project is not delayed due to unanswered items. Any items that need to be addressed by the client can be handled at this time.


We take job site safety very seriously and are proud of our safety record, thousands of days without an incident. All of our superintendents are certified in lifting equipment, CPR, and powder actuated fasteners. A weekly safety meeting is held on-site with all the project’s subcontractors to make sure the site is safe and allows everyone to work in a very productive environment. We meet all state and federal requirements for documentation and safety. An on-site first aid kit and fire extinguisher are also issued for each project.

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