• Fast Track Remodels

    Fast Track Remodels

    Interior/Exterior renovations completed in only a few weeks, thus giving you minimal downtime between shutdown and start up.

  • Conversions


    We have extensive experience in taking an existing restaurant and converting it into a completely new brand.

  • Total Shutdown Remodels

    Total Shutdown Remodels

    Our total shutdowns are typically completed within a week or two and cover the entire restaurant – lobby, dining area, bar, kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Expansions


    Includes interior and or exterior additions to your existing space, without impacting your day to day operations.

  • Overnight Remodels

    Overnight Remodels

    We specialize in Overnight Remodels so you can keep your business running normally during the day and while we renovate at night!

  • Design Builds

    Design Builds

    Wathco can provide ground up construction with our design services. No Architect, No Materials List, No Problem we got you covered.

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